Who is Chapel Hill House offered to?

Chapel Hill House is offered to children, in treatment for cancer or have been in treatment within the past two years, and their immediate family (including Grandparents) at no charge. 

Will there be other families there?

The facility is only offered to one family at a time. You will have the peace of much-needed personal time with your family. 

Will any meals be provided?

We provide a Friday evening meal of Chuckwagon beans, hot dogs, chips, and S’mores! 

Are pets allowed?

In respect to our visitors who may have allergies, we do not allow pets. 

Alcohol or smoking allowed?

No alcohol or smoking at our facility, please. 

When is the cabin available?

The cabin is available from reservations from May through November. Check out our calendar for open weekends and book your stay. 

Do we need to bring sleeping bags, blankets, etc?

Linens and other household items are provided. If you would like to bring extra for your comfort, you may. 

Is the facility ADA compliant?

Yes, our facility is ADA compliant, with ramps and other handicap accessible amenities. 

What do we need to bring?

Please be prepared for different kinds of weather, dependent on what time of year you choose to book. Bring any necessarily toiletries or personal items. 

Is there a cost to staying at Chapel Hill House?

Thanks to our supporters, donors, and volunteers, Chapel Hill House is free of cost for the families who stay.